about me

Hi Guys!
So a little bit of info about me…

My name is Leticia, but you can all call me Letti ♥
I am a 25 year old gal from the city of Perth in Western Australia. I was born in Singapore and have lived in Asia for half my life with my family, until I came to Perth in 2009 to go to boarding school.  Even though I was born and lived in Asia my nationality is Australian, but I do consider both Perth and Singapore to be my home.



What am I passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about filmography, photography and most of all travel. I want to create imagery that others will enjoy and be inspired by to travel and experience this place that we all call home…Earth!

How did I come up with the name Living Like A Free Bird?

I created Living Like A Free Bird back in 2013 on Instagram.  I came up with the name when I bought a bracelet from this little shop I walked past one day. On the bracelet it had a charm with an engraving of a bird on it and the packaging it came in was titled ‘Free Bird.’ Underneath the title there was the sentence, “birds are symbols of freedom, they awaken our souls and open our hearts”. This quote really meant something to me, as travelling and experiencing things opens up your mind and your heart to the world, with the places that you go to see and the people in it that you meet. Therefore I want to always live like that, I want to be Living Like A Free Bird, and you can too ♥

Where’s She Now?
Where’s She Now?
Perth, Australia