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I have teamed up with Kathmandu giving tips and tricks about WHAT TO PACK FOR EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK! Ever since I could remember, hiking to Everest Base Camp (EBC) has been a dream of mine and in 2019 I finally did it! EBC is no walk in the park. What helped me throughout my hike was making sure I packed the appropriate gear........Not only am I a Photographer but for the last six years I have also been a Kathmandu team member.  Both working as a Sales Assistant for Kathmandu and doing the EBC trek have gi[...]


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Everything you need to know about this Winter Wonderland! How to get to Hakuba Where to stay in Hakuba? Foodie Destinations in Hakuba Hakuba Nightlife Skiing and Snowboarding in Hakuba This trip to Hakuba was my second time visiting Japan, the first was during the months of August/September. So coming to Japan in February during winter time was a whole different experience! The main trip of this holiday was to go snowboarding. Since we only had two weeks we decided to go to Hakuba instead of Niseko. If you are plan[...]

Pretty Peranakan Terrace Houses

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Oh how I love coming back to visit my second home! I only spent five days in Singapore this time around.  It was mainly a trip to spend time with family and enjoy being back in Singapore, as I hadn't been back in about a year and a half. You may think that I would have seen everything that Singapore has to offer by now considering my family has been living there for 17 years.  Except every time I come back I always find something new to do. The vibrant coloured Peranakan Terrace Houses was first on my list of things to[...]