Pretty Peranakan Terrace Houses

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Oh how I love coming back to visit my second home!

I only spent five days in Singapore this time around.  It was mainly a trip to spend time with family and enjoy being back in Singapore, as I hadn’t been back in about a year and a half. You may think that I would have seen everything that Singapore has to offer by now considering my family has been living there for 17 years.  Except every time I come back I always find something new to do. The vibrant coloured Peranakan Terrace Houses was first on my list of things to see, as you can find this piece of stunning architecture along Koon Seng Road in the Katong District.

Peranakan Terrace Houses

How to get to the Peranakan Terrace Houses

There are 3 modes of transport that you can catch to get to Koon Seng Road.

  1. Uber/Taxi: it should be about a SGD $10-$15 ride from Orchard Road.  This will vary depending on where you are catching the Uber/Taxi from (about the same for $AUD)
  2. MRT: the East-West MRT Line, get off at Eunos and walk about 15-20 mins
  3. Bus: the closest bus stop is Opp Maranatha Hall, it is bus number 33 and is a 3min walk from the Peranakan Houses
 Peranakan Terrace Houses History

Little bit of a history lesson…these pretty, quaint shophouses is home to the Peranakans. Chinese descendants who moved to Singapore in about the 15th century.  The Joo Chait and the Katong District was once known for its coconut plantations (hard to believe hey!), but in the early 20th century the area became more developed into a residential suburb which lead to the Peranakans building these stunning colourful shophouses that you see today.

Peranakan Terrace Houses

Wearing: Mimco (watch), RayBan (sunglasses), Who I Am (jumpsuit), Steve Madden (sandals)

 Nothing like the Peranakan Terrace Houses

You will notice straight away the colourful tiles and motifs paving the walls of the houses. As well the intricate wooden carvings that displays on the window shutters. Even though each house appears to physically look the same, they each have their own unique flare to them. Which is brought out through colour, different styled gates and the owners decorating their front porch/driveway.  It is a breathtaking site to see and a wonderful photo destination.

Tip:  If you are wanting to take photos, don’t come here when it is peak traffic. 8am to about 10am is morning peak and 6pm – 8:30pm is the late peak. The cars will block your view of the houses as there is a traffic light at the end of the street. (Koon Seng Road leading onto Joo Chiat Road).

Obviously I didn’t know that when I got there at 8:30am…oops.

The only good thing about going in the morning, is that you will not be bombarded by a lot of tourists coming to also take photos of the shophouses. You will practically have the whole street to yourself!

Peranakan Terrace Houses

Other things to do near the Peranakan Terrace Houses

Apart from the shophouses there are many other things to do within the Katong area. Shopping for some traditional Peranakan fashion the ‘Sarong Kebaya’, beaded slippers and also indulging in some delish laksa!

Tip: There is a laksa restaurant about a 9min walk from the Peranakan Terrace Houses called 328 Katong Laksa, dishes are priced from $5 – $10 (super cheap!), as you can’t come to Singapore and not try laksa, you just can’t! Especially if you are wanting to experience the whole Peranakan culture.

Going to see not only the Peranakan Terrace Houses, but the Katong District is a definite must.  If you are looking for a great photo spot, and want to witness Singapore’s historical architecture, food and fashion. Then this is where you need to visit!


xoxo Letti


  • bel
    8 May 2018

    WOW! You’ve definitely convinced me to go back to Singapore! I’ve been twice before but theres so much more I’d love to explore. I also have a friend who’s from there as well 🙂

    • Leticia
      8 May 2018

      So many places in Singapore to explore! You have to go back again! 🙂

    • Yolande
      2 June 2018

      Come up anytime Bel you are always welcome xo

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